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David was an artist from a young age, and he took his passion for illustration and design with him while he attended The Fashion Institue of Technology.It was here at school were he began developing his makeup artistry through usage of the classic fine art principles he was learning. He went on to work as a designer in many prestigious american design houses. Leaving the fashion industry he delved into event design as well as art styling for television ,and media . Taking all that he learned in the various design fields he succeeded in, he finally turned his attention to his ultimate passion of makeup artistry. He began working at Sephora . rising up the ladder to senior artist after a year in the company. He also reached outside Sephora and was the key artist for two presentations for New York Fashion Week in 2014. In august of 2014 he was chosen for the Sephora pro team after a few months of an audition process with hundreds of potential candidates. His work has been published in many magazines .He has also begun making videos for Sephora, and has appeared in other media channels as well.